slug: recent-incident-on-shadowsocks-and-clowwindy datepublished: 2015-08-22T04:00:00 dateupdated: 2017-12-30T07:52:28 tags: Tech Ideas, English Posts excerpt: "clowwindy started arguing with breakwa11 (on GitHub) about the Shadowsocks’ licensing problem. clowwindy talked about how Chinese developer ignored the GPL license." –-

The following part is partially a translation of [this article]( Thank printempw for collecting and posting the news about Shadowsocks and @clowwindy.

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Summary and My Comments

@clowwindy started arguing with @breakwa11 (on GitHub) about the Shadowsocks’ licensing problem. @clowwindy talked about how Chinese developer ignored the GPL license.

8.20 Night

V2EX closed the Shadowsocks forum node. The URL redirect to the index.

@clowwindy deleted all issues on GitHub and changed all description to “Something happened.”. He also cleaned the membership of the Shadowsocks organization and hided all members from public view.


Rumor about “@clowwindy has been invited for some team” came out. (having tea with the authority means get warned).

@clowwindy replied on shadowsocks-windows #305 issue:

I was invited for some tea yesterday. I won't be able to continue developing this project.***

@clowwindy locked his Twitter account from public view.

8.21 Night

@clowwindy tweeted again to show he was still alive after the tea.

@clowwindy stated for the second time that he could not continue the development.

@breakwa11 said she would continue the development of Shadowsocks. @clowwindy thanked her. (I feel like it’s some sort of act-play)


@clowwindy deleted all the repositories related to Shadowsocks on GitHub. He’s last tweets on this incident were “I’ve said what I wanted to and could say.” / “Declaration: I will not involve the development of Shadowsocks.”

@breakwa11 mentioned some critical flaw Shadowsocks is having right now that might cause Shadowsocks get Walled at a glance. She also implied that she would make new SS closesourse for a while (about a year) to ensure the bug get fixed.

For further information you can check here

My personal feeling is that the country is leaping to a wrong track. We don’t necessarily know where the fuck our country is going, but we can tell it’s someplace fucked up.



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Somme comments from GFW blog:

  • @zmt0516:首先表示感谢,ss被我用在不止翻墙的很多地方,其次表示理解,国宝总能找出一个正经人的弱点 @clowwindy

  • @white_pigeon:之前党国一直只采取技术手段封锁,直到出现了他们战胜不了的对手。

  • @Cosmospolite:配合《国家安全法》、《网络安全法》,证明你国梦的最优解就是移民。

  • @freeopg:@clowwindy 谢谢你为中国互联网自由做出的贡献。



这几天窝的博客都要被 C大刷屏了,这里整理一下事件的时间轴:

8.20 日

@clowwindy 就 @breakwa11 关于 shadowsocks-rss 开源协议问题发火

8.20 晚

访问 V2EX shadowsocks 节点跳转首页

8.20 晚

@clowwindy 把他所维护的几个 shadowsocks 实现的代码仓库内的 Issue 面板全部关闭,所有帮助信息全部删除,所有的描述都改成了 Something happened。另外,他还清空了该组织的 membership,或者将所有成员全部转入隐私状态,不对外公开。

8.21 日

传出 @clowwindy 被请去喝茶的消息

他在 shadowsocks-windows 的 #305 issue 下回复道

I was invited for some tea yesterday. I won’t be able to continue developing this project.

同时开启了 twitter 的隐私保护,除先前关注者外无法查动态

8.21 晚

@clowwindy 发布了 thanks. 后的推文,证明人没事

8.21 晚

shadowsocksR 作者 @breakwa11 表示会继续开发新版本,@clowwindy 对其致谢.

8.22 日

@clowwindy 删除所有 github 上的 shadowsocks 仓库,之前在 twitter 上发布了删除的相关动态。

同时 @clowwindy 明确表示不会继续开发 shadowsocks 项目