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Image: Blade Runner

Sometimes people would tell me that philosophy is above all the other subjects. In most cases, they say this particularly intend to point out that science is somewhat under philosophy. A similar case what be people saying that Math is about every possible world but science is about only one; we can talk about that next time.

What they said about philosophy and science has one 'evidence': science originated at what has been called natural philosophy, and later became a independent field of study. While this was true, it does not support what they claimed very well. Think about religious study/science or alchemy/chemistry; the origins don't reflect the subjects' nature.

More importantly, in modern context, philosophy can no hardly provide any understanding of our world. It was a subject about world and humanity, but due to the lack of analytical methods, philosophy failed to convince other schools inside the discipline. Someone once said, philosophy is incapable of discussing (with actual progress) more fundamental things about the world or human's nature, thus it turns to play of words about more superficial phenomenon. I hardly disagree with him. All schools in philosophy sit there, failing to disapprove any other school.

Philosophy indeed has its value. However it is fading away at least in these two field: study of nature's law and study of source of humanity.