Chinese people sometimes refer to successful businessman’s strategy as “earn money from the public”, which the public in China is mostly poor, not well educated people from 17-30 in line 2-4 cities. (don’t really know how many “lines” there are). Typical form of such business include “cheap shitty products, unscientific product(360 router), fantasy satisfier – Live show / dumb TV shows, etc.”

I would say it’s a bad idea. People commend on this strategy because it MAKES MONEY; because how large the group of population is and how easy they would get fooled. But the thing is that, giving them such products to consume will only prolong the time of stay stupid for them; it barely does any good in improving the country’s consumer quality, which is a key to enforce the market selection. This population is not renewable source of income, and it is certainly terrifying to see a country with 1.4 billion people has no vision in anything longer than 5 years. The population fed by these will, eventually, become a group of incapable people who continue the fucking consumption habit to forever.

FUCK 屌丝经济.