As the winter quarter is coming to an end, I think it is the time that I start writing in report/review style entries that will serve both as record and reminder for me.

In terms of classes, there are still many to be fulfilled. But our CCS track intro classes is coming to an end next quarter, with it, also the 15A/B/C sequence.

However, due to other reasons, I shall be trying to take a upper particle physics class --- a class that I will need to learn in advance to catch up.

Other thank losing my whole key chain 2 days ago, I think it is an exciting part of my college life: just entered research group where tons of stuff awaiting, life is getting in order and classes are fairly interesting. Couldn't ask more :p

GRE and PhD application worry me more than any short term thing.

About the research group. Every physics student had dreamed about becoming a particle physicist --- experimental or theoretical. I, also, could not let the chance go away even though my Professor/Advisor Sathya has repeatedly 'implied' other wise.

I really like the atmosphere of our group and the whole high-energy physics community. Despite the complexity, people work carefully and open-sourced-ly in the community.

Our group, for the moment being, has 2 parts (I think). One is a long-term hardware project milliQan, the other one includes all
the LHC/simulation data-driven work that our PhDs are doing. These data-driven work
mostly aim to increase efficiency of finding events in the detector, where efficiency means valid data / total collision ratio. As the HL-LHC goes along, there
will be some space for improvements.

Writing this down without explaining them makes me want to write a separate article.